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Richard Pohl's News
Friday, 5 March 2010
Recording from the Czech Broadcast on YouTube
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Lukas Sommer










The great Czech composer Lukas Sommer has dedicated his wonderful cycle of songs on lyrics by the famous Moravian poet Vit Sliva "Souvrat" to Duo Skarka-Pohl who recorded it exclusively for the Czech broadcast.

Read this article in Czech literature online newspaper:

Listen to excerpts on YouTube:


Posted by Richard Pohl at 12:01 AM CET
Updated: Monday, 17 May 2010 9:30 PM MEST
Friday, 5 February 2010
Richard Pohl to accompany the International Opera Masterclasses by Gabriela Benackova
Now Playing: Various Music

Richard Pohl should accompany the Masterclasses by the internationally acclaimed soprano Gabriela Benackova this year.Also the legendary tenor Peter Dvorsky will be there as another lecteur, with another accompanist.

If you are interested, please, sign the application available here:



Posted by Richard Pohl at 12:01 AM CET
Updated: Tuesday, 18 May 2010 5:15 PM MEST
Tuesday, 1 December 2009
Picture from the Czech TV Broadcast
Now Playing: Christmas of Music

Dear friends and fans,

thank you so much for all your great support!

We appreciate all your sweet messages and we are really glad that we had could share this great event with you.

Yours Duo Skarka-Pohl

Mili a drazi pratele,

diky za vsechnu podporu a mile zpravy, jsme radi, ze jsme s Vami mohli sdilet tuto udalost, v historii naseho dua vpravde historickou!


Posted by Richard Pohl at 12:01 AM CET
Updated: Monday, 17 May 2010 3:24 PM MEST
Saturday, 28 November 2009
Duo Skarka-Pohl live in the Czech TV
Mood:  celebratory
Now Playing: Janacek Songs













Duo Skarka-Pohl proudly announces that they were honoured by an invitation to perform live in the traditional Christmas Benefit Concert in the Czech TV. The event will take place tomorrow, 29th November 17:00 (5 p.m., GMT+1 time).

Watch the broadcast online here:



Posted by Richard Pohl at 12:01 AM CET
Updated: Monday, 17 May 2010 3:02 PM MEST
Friday, 13 November 2009
Duo Skarka-Pohl at the Antonin Dvorak Competition in Karlsbad
Now Playing: Mexican music


Josef Skarka, the well-known young bass singer and member of the Duo Skarka-Pohl took part in the recent annual of the International Antonin Dvorak Vocal competition in Karlsbad. With Richard Pohl's accompaniment, he broke through to the final rounds of both Opera and Art Song Contests getting several major awards - 2nd prize in the Opera, the prize for the best Czech participant (means audience with the president of our country), the prize of the National Theatre Brno (should fill the part of Figaro in Mozart's opera the next season) and in the Song Competition he was awarded by the Honourary award and the Prize for the Best Performance of the Contemporary Song. Duo was also invited to make some recitals in Prague and to record for the Czech broadcast.

On this picture is Richard Pohl and Josef Skarka along with the world famous Slovak tenor and the chairman of the jury, Mr. Peter Dvorsky:
















Posted by Richard Pohl at 12:01 AM CET
Updated: Tuesday, 18 May 2010 10:16 AM MEST
Wednesday, 7 October 2009
Richard Pohl On Tour with Schubert Program
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: Schubert

"The greatest misfortune of the wise man and the greatest unhappiness of the fool are based upon convention." (Franz Schubert)

Dear friends,

please, let me invite you to my current tour, with program consisting almost entirely of music by Franz Schubert.





























Please, check my Facebook page

and the concert listing at

for more information. 

Hope to meet you there and wish you a nice time :)

Yours faithfully

Richard Pohl

Posted by Richard Pohl at 11:18 AM MEST
Updated: Wednesday, 7 October 2009 11:31 AM MEST
Monday, 17 August 2009
Manetin Recital
Now Playing: Opera and Lieder

Picture from the recital of 16th August, 2009 in Manetin.

Duo Skarka-Pohl and Marketa Matlova (soprano).

Posted by Richard Pohl at 12:29 PM MEST
Tuesday, 2 June 2009
Saludos a Mr. Zimerman
Mood:  energetic
Now Playing: Schubert and Opera


In a low voice that could not be heard throughout the auditorium, Zimerman, universally considered among the world's finest pianists, made reference to Guantanamo Bay and U.S. military policies toward Poland.

"Get your hands off my country," he said.

Then he turned to the piano and played Szymanowski's "Variations on a Polish Folk Theme" with such passion and intensity that the stunned audience gave him multiple ovations.

Earlier, about 30 or 40 people in the audience had walked out after Zimerman's declaration, some shouting obscenities.

"Yes," the pianist, known in Poland as "King Krystian the Glorious," answered, "some people, when they hear the word military, start marching."

Zimerman then said that America has far finer exports than its military -- and he thanked those who supported democracy. He left the stage without further comment and was unavailable Monday.

His manager, Mary Pat Buerkle, told the Associated Press on Monday that Zimerman has talked for the last couple of years about not coming back to the United States "for a while. . . . I don't think it's appropriate to say it's all political."

Zimerman has had problems in the United States in recent years, but many in the classical music world thought they were logistical.

Just a week ago, before an appearance in Seattle, Zimerman expressed frustration about the hassle and expense of touring the U.S. with his piano.

Shortly after Sept. 11, his instrument was confiscated at JFK Airport when he landed in New York to give a recital at Carnegie Hall. Thinking the glue smelled funny, the Transportation Security Administration decided to take no chances and destroyed the piano. Since then he has shipped his pianos in parts, which he reassembles by hand after he lands. To get from city to city within the U.S., he hires a driver to take the shell of the piano, and he drives another car that holds the precious custom-designed keys and hammers.

Lately, he'd seemed pleased with the direction the United States has taken. During a performance Friday at Berkeley's Zellerbach Hall, he delighted his Bay Area audience by making sly reference to his approval of Barack Obama in the White House.

 But by the time he drove his piano to Los Angeles, Zimerman's mood appeared to have darkened. His remarks, which some in the audience characterized as angry, were the talk of Los Angeles' classical music world and its small Polish community Monday.

Deborah Borda, president of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, said that while some patrons were taken aback by Zimerman's comments, she did not believe it would affect attendance or fundraising.

"It was very clear he was speaking for himself," she said. "We obviously can't censor. We believe in freedom of expression. We don't use a hook to drag people off the stage."

In a spirited range of comments on The Times' Culture Monster blog, many praised Zimerman and others said the stage was no place for divisive political speech. "Go Zimerman, and take the Dixie Chicks with you," said one post, referring to the country music group that in 2003 created a ruckus when a member said they were ashamed President Bush was from Texas.

Others noted that though classical music culture in the United States is among the least overtly political of enclaves, Poland has a long tradition of mixing the political and the musical. Composer and pianist Ignacy Jan Paderewski was Poland's third prime minister and is revered in Poland the way the Founding Fathers are here.

"There is a tradition of Polish pianists being in the middle of political events," said Marek Zebrowski, director of the Polish Music Center at USC.

Though Poland gets comparatively little attention in the U.S., American policy recently has been a hot-button issue in Poland. Poles were upset about allegations that the CIA held suspected Al Qaeda militants in secret prisons in Poland. A Polish newspaper mockingly referred to the country as "the 51st state." Also controversial was a Bush administration proposal to put missile defense facilities there.

Sumi Hahn, a Seattle journalist who interviewed Zimerman earlier this month, said she was not surprised to hear of his outburst. She said he told her that he had "very mixed feelings now about America."

"In the past five years," she quoted him as saying, "something happened here that changed the world: a war based on lies. . . . So much damage was done worldwide ... and Americans are so unaware."

On the other hand, Robert Cole, director of Cal Performances in Berkeley, said he was surprised to hear of Zimerman's L.A. comments -- especially because of the lightness that characterized his performance in Berkeley.

Just before playing a Bach partita, Zimerman told his audience it was important to consider the political purpose of a piece of music. Bach, he told his audience, "had made a decision to put his piece in a minor key rather than a major one." Perhaps, he said, according to audience members who were there, he did that because there was a leader Bach didn't like.

Zimerman made an approving reference to Obama and then played the piece, but ended it in a joyful C major instead of a melancholy C minor.

"The audience loved it," said Christina Kellogg, director of public relations at Cal Performances. "His playing was brilliant and they broke into huge applause, and he was clearly pleased that the audience was completely with him."

Cole said he had breakfast with the pianist last week at a music-themed cafe across the street from the campus. Zimerman spoke mainly of how exhausting it was to travel with a Steinway.

"I'm sorry he's not coming back," Cole said. "He reminds me of Don Quixote. He's on a quest for perfection."

Cole added that, from a public relations perspective, it's too bad Zimerman hadn't offered his comments about Bach to Los Angeles and saved his fiery political rhetoric for Berkeley.

"I think he maybe picked the wrong place," he said. "It would have been less of an uproar here."

Times music critic Mark Swed contributed to this report.



Posted by Richard Pohl at 2:00 PM MEST
Updated: Tuesday, 2 June 2009 2:06 PM MEST
Thursday, 5 March 2009
Janacek - Revueltas 2008 Official Website
Mood:  celebratory
Now Playing: Schubert

"Addios, Caballos!" (The Production Team of the 1st Janacek - Revueltas Composition Award after the last gala concert)

Dear friends and fans,

it took a bit longer in the end, but may I finally announce, that our complete project is already published and online.

The link for the complete presentation, along with video clips, photo gallery and various articles:

Also would like to thanks to my great friend Omar Rojas, amazing composer and also the founder of the project for his marvellous job as a main co-ordinator in the Czech Republic and hope, that our collaboration will remain as fruitful as uptill now (I already premiered two of his piano works)

 Mr. Edgar Omar Rojas Ruiz (1982)

 Distinguished Mexican composer and producer.

For more information about his music, please visit his MySpace and profiles at:

Another thanks comes to the whole Mexican production (notably Mr. Edgar Merino, Carlos Barraza, Jose Miguel Delgado, Mario Duarte and Marco Cecchetti)  as well as to the Centro de Investigacion y Estudios de la Musica in Mexico City.

And many thanks to all our supporters, without you are visions would always just stay on the table.

And the next edition is coming soon (scheduled for spring of the next year).

Best wishes to everyone and thanks to all your sweet messages on MySpace, Facebook and here at my guestbook.

Sincerely yours,


Posted by Richard Pohl at 10:26 PM CET
Updated: Thursday, 5 March 2009 10:27 PM CET
Friday, 14 November 2008
Recalling of the Czech part of the Janacek - Revueltas Tour
Mood:  on fire
Now Playing: Mexican music, Christmas carols

"Live to the point of tears" (Albert Camus)

Dear friends and fans,

the "1st Janacek - Revueltas Composition Award 2008" was in the end surprisingly succesful and at the same time exhilarating and immensely satisfaying experience for all of us. It was pretty tough, of course, too. Here follows just a  brief recollection of the beginning of the series.

Complete information you can find at

Well, everything started with the gala opening in Prague on 13th August of 2008. In the evening there gathered important guests and journalists (with the highlight of Mr. Antonio Lopez Rios, cultural attache of the Mexican Embassy in Prague ) and we performed the winning pieces along with selection from Dvorak, Revueltas and Janacek. Dvorak's songs was especially moving since the event took place in the Antonin Dvorak Museum itself. I attach a picture from the concert so you could admire the beauty of this hall.











On the second image has been captured the dialogue between Mr. Lopez and Mr. Omar Rojas, the manager of the project in

the Czech Republic.

Well, the next event was a professional shoutcast in the residence of Mr. Vlastimil Lejsek, the eminent Czech composer. This was attended by special guests only, from the government of the cities of Jesenik mountains as well as by Mr. Petr Borecek, well-known sculpturer. Mr. Lejsek was very pleased with the commentary and presentation as well as with recordings and scores we provided. He wished the best to the composers, especially to Mr. Delgado and Mr. Barraza, whose scores he examined with admirable insight. Again, let me share few images from the event.




Posted by Richard Pohl at 8:05 AM CET
Updated: Wednesday, 7 October 2009 11:52 AM MEST
Friday, 31 October 2008
Living like a piano
Mood:  amorous
Now Playing: Mexican music

"Life is like a piano... what you get out of it depends on how you play it." (Tom Lehrer)

Dear friends and fans,

I had more than important concert work lately, so I have to apologize for another long gap in my writing... Our "1st Janacek - Revueltas Composition Award 2008" in the end went into incredibly succesful results, while during the Czech part we were able to perform both opening and closing galaconcerts in Prague and during the tour appear also in Brno, another important city of our country.

I am going to make a nice presentation about the whole tour, and for sure will publish a sort of brief recollection here; so far I can only link (again) our project page at

The photo gallery is available at and a brand-new video gallery at

Again, thank you for all your sweet messages; I really appreciate your interest in my music and shall keep you informed at least via that blog. I also improved our website very much, adding much more new video-clips. Hope you like them, do not hesitate to put comments to my guestbook.

So, that's all for now. Stay tuned, more music coming soon!

With my heartful wishes,


Posted by Richard Pohl at 10:09 AM MEST
Updated: Tuesday, 18 May 2010 5:18 PM MEST
Wednesday, 1 October 2008
Reminiscence of the Vocal Competition - Katarzyna Mackiewicz in the Czech Republic
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Now Playing: Music, what else...

"A hint - don't paint too much direct from nature. Art is an abstraction! study nature then brood on it and treasure the creation which will result, which is the only way to ascend towards God - to create like our Divine Master." (Paul Gauguin)

Going a little back, I would like to recall the 1st year of the International Vocal Competition in Zdar nad Sazavou, which seems like the most tough and at the same time exhilarating experience in music of my life (well, at least till that time).

Just one weekend in the little charming city of the Czech Rebublic and over 30 competitors gathering around. As I was the official accompanist, I got aquainted with them soon and supervised their preparation. And what needes to be added, most of them showed really amazing skills in the end, and the winners was just excellent.










This photo comes from the concert of the award winners. The first prize came to Ireland, to a rising star of the Irish opera, only 22 years old mezzo-soprano Tara Erraught. Pupil of Veronica Dunne, she actually clearly resembles Cecilia Bartoli, both by her amazing technique and powerful expression.










Great new for us, the second place stayed in our country, and coloratura soprano Olga Jelinkova clearly deserved it. After presenting Zerbinetta and Lucia di Lammermoor with precise diction, confident high testitura and superb handling of all fiorituras, she was clear award winner from the beginning of the contest.











Well, and last but not the least, Katarzyna Mackiewicz, beautiful Polish soprano got the third award. There was of course a couple of special awards coming to the various participants (Vera Likerova, Lucie Brozikova, Janette Zsigova and others) and also there was award for taking part in the following "Mitsubishi Tour" with me and Jakub Pustina in September.  And this prize was given to Katarzyna Mackiewicz.

Mitsubishi Tour? Well, we were granted with a brand new Mitsubishi for the whole tour (see the image below). And we did seven concerts around the whole country, which were greatly acclaimed. Katarzyna Mackiewicz is not only excellent soprano, graduating this year Conservatory in St. Petersbourg, but also amazingly gifted stage artist. She already graces the audience in Mariinsky Theatre (Young Singers Academy) and the theatre in Warsaw. She is especially skilled for the operetta, but also excells in both Polish and Russina repertoire. I definitely enjoyed working with her and hope we could embark on more mutual projects in the future.











  You can watch a video clip from the tour here: 

Well, you can also listen to the audio recordings at Just search for the artists Katarzyna Mackiewicz and Jakub Pustina.

And the following competition? The second annual is going to be very exciting for the one, who is going to win it... Since the first prize is nothing less than a new car Skoda Fabia. Not joking!

See the official website for more information:

Posted by Richard Pohl at 7:09 AM MEST
Updated: Tuesday, 18 May 2010 9:06 AM MEST
Tuesday, 30 September 2008
Mario Zhang and Jana Dolezilkova - The Opera Couple for This Century
Mood:  crushed out
Now Playing: Still the same ;)

"A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous." (Ingrid Bergmann)

Well, never put multiple entries in the same day before, but everything should be the first time once...

Mario Zhang and Jana Dolezilkova. Possibly in the near future those few words will be enough to imply a synonyme for excellent partnership both on stage and behind the curtains. Harmonious collaboration of two matured artists (the man being in that case much more experienced and of course well-known, but the lady's time seems to be coming right now) and their affection for the music as well as for each other proved to be fruitful combination bringin the most impressive results.

We had two very significant gigs together. Actually, both of them were benefits and incidentally, also open air. First one took place at the shrine of Maria Hilf near the Polish boarders and it was held for raising funds for saving the church in Horni Udoli. See the pictures from the event below. The concert was more then enjoyable and we were granted by a standing ovation by the audience.












But the next concert, that was really a memmorable event. The open air performance as well, but for a bigger audience (around 400 people) and with much more opulent presentation. This benefit took place in Ostrava and the funds were used for building a new kindergarten in the local part of the city. The concert was highlighted by celebrities taking part, including current Czech Vice-Beauty, Zuzana Putnarova. The line-up completed a young violin prodigy, Marie Korpasova. There is defintely more to be said about the event, but let the images speak for themselves....


















I am going to post here links for the video recording of the event soon so stay connected!

Best regards to all of you and thanks for your nice messages. For those I added at Facebook, Hi5 or MySpace and didnt have time to reply so far I have to apologize, but being on the concert road almost without break lately, I cannot do much better. Thank you for your understanding and have a nice time with the best music!


Posted by Richard Pohl at 8:04 AM MEST
Updated: Saturday, 15 November 2008 11:54 AM CET
Sunday, 27 July 2008
Lot of exciting news
Mood:  amorous
Now Playing: Opera, Contemporary Mexican music, Accompaniments

"Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind; And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind." (William Shakespeare)

Dear friends,

let me apologize for the long silence. In the previous months I've found myself occupied with plenty of both professional and personal issues and couldn't find a single minute to write to the blog... Well, even though my affairs are not solved at all and considering the fact I have the most busy "holidays" of my life It is just the need to share the information about my recent events as I promised and didn't keep for long, to be honest.

Well, to take it step by step, I went through rather turbulent times of hard-work, finding myself on the beginning of May in Belgium, touring with Jakub Pustina and just a week after coming back serving as the only one accompanist of the 1st International Vocal Competition Zdar nad Sazavou. Meeting charming and gifter singers was just a pleasure, to work 14 hours a day with only few short breaks was not that nice. Well, stretching hard makes one's muscles strong... For more information about the contest, please see the official page

I also prepared my solo recital with the Magic Quartet featuring (thanks to all who took part in our poll for choosing the proper name for the ensemble), where I also performed very nice work by my talented friend, Mexican composer Edgar Omar Rojas Ruiz. If interested, listen to some excerpts from the event here:








 Speaking about my dear friend Omar, there was another wonderful collaboration of us, and that was the premiere of his multimedial opera, La Llorona. Based on well-known Mexican legend, the performance was entirely standing on a single soloist, Mexican mezzo-soprano Amanda Sundberg Perez. Charming guest star proved her level by studying the complete score in less than two weeks. Working with her was immense pleasure and I hope we could do more collaboration in the future for she is not only great musician, but also an amazing human being. After all, applause for her and the chamber orchestra led by Petr Lichnovsky as well as Mr. composer was more than eloquent.












Also our another project of the 1st International Janacek-Revueltas Award brought impressive results. All winners submitted works of surprisingly high quality. All information about the project and its events shall be published at the official site Also we are proud on the official support of CIEM, Janacek Academy of Music, Mexican embassy in CR as well as Hudebni Rozhledy, prestigious Czech music magazine, taking the official medial partnership of our festival. Now we keep our work to prepare the best possible renditions of all the pieces to be premiered.








I would like to post here further information and also some more images soon. I am right in the middle of rehearsals for various other concerts, so hope to keep you informed.

Well, my life stays within the music for music is life and art shall prevail after our short staying on the Earth would pass... But still, I believe it is not only about that. If there was not real joy within experiencind being itself, there wouldn't be real reason for carrying on with our burdens. In those moments I recall how Janina Fialkowska was describing Arthur Rubinstein's usual attitude towards life... They were once together going trough the traffic in the New York City in quite late evening... Rubinstein was all the time full of energy, suggesting even going to movies while being almost blind. But then once, sitting in cab, he said with a sorrow in his voice: "I am depressed..." She started trying to consolate him (as he had really terrible times broking his marriage and losing his sight what definitely finished his long-time music career), but he replied with sort of wise smile: "No, no, it's fine... I enjoy being depressed!"

I wish you could allways find reason to smile even in difficult times. And hope there will be allways someone to keep you up. Have a good time friends, enjoy our new performances available online as well as a lot of new videos on our Youtube channel (pohlpiano).

Sincerely best wishes, Richard.

P.S: After being Facebooker and occupying also MySpace and I recently joined also the Hi5 network. Find my profile at

Posted by Richard Pohl at 12:09 PM MEST
Updated: Sunday, 27 July 2008 2:08 PM MEST
Friday, 23 May 2008
Recent concert news
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Schubert - Liszt transcriptions

"There is nothing more dreadful than the imagination without taste." (Johann Wolfgang Goethe)

Dear friends and fans,

time had passed and I  went through another interesting time, full of personal changes and also changes in my business life... being offered some important positions in many music institutions I have to consider whether I would stay living only from my performing art (and my private classes) or could once again join staff of some music faculty.

Nonetheless, we got couple of great events lately with my cherished colleagues, including live performance at the "Slovanska epopej" (Slavic mystery) gallery of Alfons Mucha and espeially the benefit concert at the Shrine of Maria Hilf, raising over 27 000 for the victims of the flood. At least once in my lifetime I feel I´ve been doing something for others and it is not bad feeling at all.

I hope to post pictures and possibly some new recordings and videos soon as I keep preparing for some summer festivals next month, all of which should be recorded, too. You may be surprised, but the next season I will also engage on several projects from the popular music area, and perhaps the fruits could lead even in some cross-over commercial release. We will see.

With all my best to all of you and many thanks for all your sweet messages, in those time they had really kept me going on!

Yours faithfully,


P.S.: Do not forget to check out the complete information about our recent Mexican tour, including video clips, photo gallery and and more!

Posted by Richard Pohl at 7:25 AM MEST
Updated: Tuesday, 18 May 2010 5:19 PM MEST
Monday, 3 March 2008
Important Announcement
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"All thoughts, all passions, all delights Whatever stirs this mortal frame All are but ministers of Love And feed His sacred flame." (Samuel Taylor Coleridge)


Duo Skarka-Pohl proudly announces: 

The International Project
1st Compostition Award Janacek-Revueltas
(Czech Republic - Mexico)
With the main purpose to contribute to the cultural exchange between the Czech Republic and Mexico, and in order to help to the international promotion of Czech and Mexican young high quality musicians, it was created the “Composition award Janacek Revueltas” as the result of the addition of the efforts of the Centro de Investigación y Estudios de la Música CIEM (Mexico City), the Duo Skarka – Pohl (Czech Republic), and the CIEM’s Ex alumni Network.

On its first edition 2008, the competition is open to all the student community of the Centro de Investigación y Estudios de la Música who would be cursing the undergraduate level of the Licentiate in Music Composition.

An event of this importance could not miss the presence of high quality and professionally experienced performers as the Duo Skarka – Pohl, which will be proudly representing to the Czech Republic in the Latin American musical scene.

The addition of the young musical talent of our nations, and a production management integrated by experienced personalities of the artistic media of both countries, plus the fresh music - management vision of the young people working in this competition, are turning to the “First composition award Janacek - Revueltas 2008” in an excellent chance to show off the high quality of the performing arts existing in Mexico and the Czech Republic.

Posted by Richard Pohl at 12:25 AM CET
Updated: Sunday, 9 March 2008 8:47 AM CET
Sunday, 2 March 2008
Exciting News
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Now Playing: Janacek: On an Overgrown Path

"Sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation. The other eight are unimportant." (Henry Miller)

Dear friends and fans,

I  would like to let you know how much I appreciate your interests and I hope I didn´t forget to reply on any message you sent me, either via e-mail, guestbook, MySpace or Facebook. I am really glad that you are supporting my artistic work for you all are the reason why I am devoting my days to the services of the musical art.

There was a lot happening around me recently. First, we had a wonderful concert in Klimkovice, with Jana and Mario. To see pictures from the event, please, visit the following link (you shall need to have Adobe Flash installed first).

Just some samples for those who couldn't access the page:






I also had appeared on stage with a superb Czech soprano Lenka Zaricka and was invited to record with Ondrej Koplik, experienced Czech tenor. We will do couple of projects together with Jan Stava as well, hopefully soon. My list of collaborators will include also very gifted mezzo Petra Hlavackova.

Well, and what more? The most important thing is of course the Mexico Project. We had a gathering of the production staff in Prague and everything seems developing very nicely, so I start to believe we can do it as we planned.

We also finally recorded our profile CD with Josef. Hope that it is going to be released soon. Please, for information about project and CD, visit our official pages at

Wish you a nice weekend and see you soon,

Sincerely yours Richard. 

Posted by Richard Pohl at 9:00 AM CET
Updated: Sunday, 27 July 2008 2:02 PM MEST
Friday, 25 January 2008
Richard Pohl in Concert
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"What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from." (Thomas Stearns Eliott)








Richard Pohl is going to step on concert road with a couple of singers soon. Here is a list of his musical partners for upcoming touring:

Josef Skarka, bass (

(Duo Skarka-Pohl shall record their first CD next month, more info soon) 

Mario Zhang, tenor (

Jana Dolezilkova, soprano (

Eliska Weissova, mezzo-soprano (

Lenka Zaricka, soprano (

Marta Reichelova, soprano

Jan Stava, bass (

Jaroslav Dvorsky, tenor (

Petr Volny, tenor

There are also other ongoing projects, all the information should be post here soon.

Posted by Richard Pohl at 10:54 PM CET
Updated: Monday, 27 October 2008 7:57 PM MEST
Tuesday, 22 January 2008
Christmas Reflections
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"Love is a friendship set to music." (E. Joseph Kossman)

Recent tour was very succesful, according to press and audience responses. Highlights included performances in Jesenik and Prague featuring excellent soprano Jana Dolezilkova and world-class tenor Mario Zhang. Richard also appeared in Mozart´s Concerto accompanied by Sinfonia Chamber Orchestra. The performed pieces included also world premiere of medley-arrangement of Czech carols by Mexican composer Omar Rojas.










Listen to Mozart on

There was also performance of Duo Skarka-Pohl in Prague' s festival Trideni plus. Listen to the piece by Kopecky on











Richard also performed with magnificient mezzo-soprano Eliska Weissova, soloist in National Theatres of Prague and Pilsen. The recital consisted of demanding repertoire and was greatly received.

Posted by Richard Pohl at 11:55 AM CET
Updated: Sunday, 27 July 2008 2:05 PM MEST
Thursday, 3 January 2008
Buy a new recording by Duo Skarka-Pohl - Jubilee Recital
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Now Playing: Opera and JanacekA's Our Evenings

"Sex without love is a meaningless experience, but as far as meaningless experiences go its pretty damn good." (Woody Allen)












Duo Skarka-Pohl has performed a succesful recital in Modrice´s Town Hall. The recording from that concert was just released and now is available for a bargain price on one of the most known music-download´s service, 7digital. 

Follow the link to get all the charming songs by Dvorak, Janacek or Tchaikovsky:

You can also listen to the selected pieces on the Broadcast:










Duo Skarka-Pohl now prepare more performances, including Prague (23th January) and Jesenik (to be anounced). Of course we will inform you soon about the international project with co-operation of CIEM (Mexican Music University).

Posted by Richard Pohl at 7:32 PM CET
Updated: Sunday, 27 July 2008 1:56 PM MEST

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